Netrunner at GDC!


Netrunner is a wonderful 2 player asymmeric card game of hacking and corporation-ing(???).

You may already play and want to play during GDC: This event is for you.

You may not play but want to learn: This event is for you.

You may not play and not want to learn: Just come learn anyway or do something else because you are an adult and can do what you want.


Tuesday March 18th starting at 6pm and going until we get kicked out.


The food court on the bottom level of the Metreon.

Anything else?

Not really.

This will be very casual play.

I will bring a couple of starter decks to teach the game to folks. You will find the group because we will be the only people playing card games in the food court of the Metreon that night. If you are brand new, I recommend watching these tutorial videos before hand (I'll still teach you if you don't watch it but this will make my job easier).

The Metreon closes around 8:30 so we may move to another location at that point if more Netrunner needs to be played.

See ya there!

On Nasir Meidan

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games announced the new exansion for Netrunner: The Lunar Cycle. There are many exciting cards but the most mind boggling was the new Shaper Id: Nasir Meidan

This is a very unintuitive power. Here are a few random thoughts:

  • Popup Window is THE WORST for Nasir which is hilarious
  • You would be motived to run at 0 credits which is usually dangerous but maybe less dangerous with Nasir
  • ETR ice turn into pure econ under the right conditions
  • Most ice have a rez cost at or above the cost to break using the efficient breakers
  • Alternate credits are good: reccuring credits, bad pub, Stimhack money, etc
  • There is a paid window between Rezzing and Encountering an ice
  • Any effects that increase rez cost are REALLY good for Nasir
  • It is extremely dangerous to finish a turn in which you ran with way less money than the Corp

Any low rez cost Ice would be bad but Popup is tremediously bad.

Running into a Bastion while at 0 credits is like a Sure Gamble that you play for 0 credits and also causes the Corp to lose 4 credits. That is a GOOD Sure Gamble.

The paid window is the most important point to highlight. The 3 cards that Nasir would want are Personal Workshop, Self Modifying Code, and Clone Chip. He can load up a Personal Workshop with rig pieces, run into a random Ice with a bunch of credits and pay off the Personal Workshop to get what he needs to break through the ice. Then he gets paid by the ice and breaks through for hopefully not too much money. Also, ephemeral breakers like Faerie and Sharpshooter are great for Nasir.

Nasir loves to increase the rez cost. RookXanadu, and Cortez Chip are worth considering. They punish the Corp for rezzing in 2 ways which is neat!

Now the downside: Your folly will lead you to the fate of getting Sea Scorched. Hard. So he needs a way to quickly recover after a run. Besides the obvious tag avoidence/meat damage shields, some cards that come to mind are Bank Job, Account Siphon, Dirty Laundry, Desperado, John Masanori, and maybe even Grifter.

One final thing to note is that many of the above cards are out of faction. This is a Shaper ID that interacts with ice and economy while Anarch is the ice faction and Criminal is the econ faction. There are going to be a lot of diverse builds with Nasir as a result!


* Edit *

Since posting it has come to my attention that bad pub and stimhack credits are considered part of the pool. It does appear that recurring credits are safe though.

Buying into Netrunner

Here is my guide of what to buy when first starting to play Netrunner.
In short, here is what I recommend for somebody who has decided they want to play the game and want to start with a few expansions.
The Core Set is all you really need to play the game. If you started to get into it more, then you should eventually buying 1 more Core Set to fill out some of the cards that you only get 1 or 2 copies of (max of 3 copies of any 1 card in a deck). The Runner consoles and important Corp upgrades like SanSan City Grid are limited to 1 copy in the Core Set.
Next up, I would recommend the first data pack (smaller, monthly expansion of 20 unique cards for 60 total cards) that was released, What Lies Ahead. This contains 2 new IDs and 1 new agenda for each corp. It also includes a few really important cards for competitive play (Plascrete Carapace is defense against a really common Corp kill card: Scorched Earth and Caduceus is a really good piece of ice for a few Corps).
Next I would suggest Creation and Control. This was the first "deluxe" expansion. It features cards for the Shaper runner faction and the HB Corp for the most part (55 unique cards, 3 copies each). There are a lot of really important cards for those factions in this pack as well as some really good neutral cards. Three new Shaper IDs and 3 new HB IDs as well. And other factions can use many of the cards in this pack as well.
Finally, Future Proof is the last data pack in the first data cycle. It includes a neat new AI Icebreaker, a really powerful but ephemeral Sentry breaker, 2 strong R&D attack cards, a couple solid Ice, a new NBN ID, and my favorite Jinteki trap.
From there, I would recommend just playing the game and then deciding over time what cards you want and buying the packs they come in.
Have fun Running!

Winter Vacation Story released!

What started as a game jam project over a year ago is finally released.

This was a game that I worked on with several talented individuals:

Vanessa Blokland and Brian Cummings did the art.

Chris Cornell, Jim Crawford, and myself did the programming.

Of all the jam games I have worked on, this is the most fun and polished. So grab a few controllers and a corresponding number of friends and check it out.

Click here for more information and the download link.

Some Recent Games

Here are some games I worked on recently:

Invisible Hands – Economic worker placement game about inequality

Untitled RPG – Card game. Quest to kill monsters, gain XP and loot, level up. One of those games where much can’t be said because you just gotta play it. Bah.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Two – I want to stress that this is NOT a version of RPS with more stuff. This is RPS with motivation which makes it a hell of a lot more interesting.

La Fauche – Multiplayer cooperative heist video game with a focus on synchronization and communication.

This was the last month of work. More to come.

On Rotten Tomatoes

RT averages the subjective opinions of dozens or hundreds of movie reviewers into an objective looking score which non-movie reviewer people then use to form their own opinions before seeing a movie.

This score will also frame the viewers opinion of a movie while they watch it.

Example: Half the reviewers give a controversal movie 100% while the other half give it a 0%. You are likely in one of these groups. RT displays 50%. As a result, you don’t go.

That is called a 50/50 gamble and in no way reflects the “science” RT is pushing.

That is close to the dumbest way to evaluate art that I can think of.

Why stop at movies? Check out this blog I was working on in 2010 where I attempted to apply RT’s scientific reviewing process to EVERYTHING: Rate Everything

There’s Prizes!

Here is the video that explains the title of this site and why it is not grammatically correct (grammar sucks btw).